Love that is remarkable in magnitude, degree or effectiveness is a great love. And a life that is lived because of having received this type of love is a great life.  For me as a believer in Jesus Christ, there is no question as to the Source of this great love and life. We can see it in God’s creation. Yes, his beautiful wonderful world. This great love/great life has been given to us through His amazing grace. So we see, receive, live and share it with our family, our friends and the world.

Isn’t it a wonderful thing that with this great and abundant love (that comes only through Jesus Christ) we can live and have life to the fullest. With all that the  abiding Spirit provides, we have no cause for worry or doubt. We trust and believe. Then if and whenever our soul is troubled or life gets a little hard, we have our loving God (our Father) to talk with. Totally trusting and relying on Jesus, our Lord & Savior for our deliverance/salvation, we then proclaim that ‘it is well with my soul’! What a great way to live life!

So, from the crying of little babies, to the joy of growing children, and until age has graciously come upon us – we can all be a receiver and a giver of this GREAT LOVE.