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Lord please help me, I might be hooked,
But wait a minute, just one more look.
One more scroll, one more like,
One more video, (what a fight!),
One more comment, one more share,
One more laugh (she didn’t go there!).
One more post, just one more game,
One more picture (he should be shame).
One more scripture, you like that right?
I did not leave you out tonight.
Come to think of it, I’m okay,
This book just helps me through the day.
Deliver someone in serious need,
I can close this book anytime I please.
In fact you should be glad for me,
My making friends is good, agree?
I can’t forsake them, not even for a day
If I don’t face them, what would they say?
Am I justifying my actions – no, no, no!
I’m just saying – no reason to let it go.
No harm, no foul, no time do I waste,
(Good stuff to keep! Must copy and paste).
Oh God, between you and all this chatter
I can hardly tell what matters.
Message alert! One minute, let me see –
What one of my friends is saying to me.
So God you see everything is fine.
Don’t know why I worried you this time.
We’ll commune real soon, you’ll see.
After making this level, I’ll be free.
Your child (& friend),