I’ve just finished speaking with my brother who picked up copies of ‘Great Love, Great Life’ yesterday.  He was under the impression he would hear some of the work I did years ago. You see, 10 years ago my producer and his wife, Patrick & Shelia, allowed me into their home where I recorded about 12 traditional hymns and spirituals. This was strictly for close friends and family and produced with no intentions to sale.  Well.. my brother thought I had revisited that work to make it marketable. And like most in my church community, he was expecting a gospel message and sound from his sister. I surprised him…but not God.

When it became time for me to ‘do me’, all 63 years of musical experiences – momma singing as I formed in her womb, choral music of school, gospel of the church, R&B, jazz, Broadway tunes of my aging & more – blended into an indescribable mix. God, who knows us inside and out, nodded yes when I prayed my desire before him. It was He who inspired every word to every lyric I wrote by way of nature, people, events and life in general.  And for the cover songs…it was he who said, ‘he who has ears, let him listen to what the spirit is saying to the churches’.  As a temple of the living God, the Holy Spirit within allows me to hear life messages through what’s considered ‘secular’ music. Yes…I can find the sacred. I can find truth. And the ‘unchurched’ could possibly need a connector. Maybe I’m such a one?!?!

So, if you know me from the church…don’t be shocked. But do be disturbed if I denied my Lord and God. Do be concerned if I guided anyone the opposite direction of the way, the truth and the life. And do be prayerful. I’m yet learning…growing…and knowing. And if I’m wrong, I’ve got until the day I leave this earth…to get it right!

Be blessed!